Korean Diet: How Park Bom 2NE1 Lose Her Weight

park bom 2ne1

Do you know Park Bom? She is from Korean girl band 2NE1. People think that she has sexiest and hottest body among other members of the KPop band. She always looks feminine, charming and her face looks like a doll.

Anyway, Park Bom managed to lose her weight and looked slimmer than she was. Apparently it was because she did some diet. And, her diet was easy to implement. Do you want to know how to do the same diet?

Eat corn to replace rice

As you know, the staple food is Asia (including South Korea) is rice. Luckly Park Bom likes corn very much. That’s why she replaced rice with corn, which has the same carb. However, this cute girl limited the number of corns she ate.

park bom 2ne1
Park Bom 2NE1.

Watermelon to replace rice

Besides corn, Park Bom also ate watermelon to replace rice. The fruit can make us full and fulfill our nutritional needs. Not to mention that watermelon also has a lot of water, so it can curb our craving.

Eat lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable that is easy to consume. It doesn’t taste bitter, fresh and riches in fiber. Include lettuce in your favorite menu can help balance fiber needs and absorb fat. For instance, when you eat grilled chicken, try to add lettuce to balance the nutritional value.

Besides it tastes delicious, you also will not feel guilty and will not gain weights. The prove, Park Bom could be slimmer to consume lettuce.

Eat 5 times a day

Trainer Hwang was the one who monitored Park Bom’s meal plans. The trainer gave her permission to eat five times a day. Three times heavy meals and 2 times snacks. She was allowed to consume her favorite snacks: corn and nuts.

Park Bom was also a woman who liked to eat. Her trainer would often call her and other 2NE1 members to monitor her and what she ate. Sometimes, Park Bom didn’t pick her phone when her trainer wanted to check her diet.

Everyone must have some difficulty in doing her diet, especially to curb her cravings. But, it all depends on her will and determination. It’s OK to feel down and fail while you are doing your diet once a while. But, do not give up and go back to your diet.

Don’t forget to exercise regularly to help your diet process and help body metabolism.

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