Korean Celebrities Shared Their Diet Menu

If you are K-Popers, then you must be familiar with names like Soyou, Park Shin Hye, Seol Hyun, Kang Sora, IU dan Suzy. Not only they are pretty, but they also have slim bodies, which are ideal combinations.

To get the ideal body shapes, they maintain their diet. Kompas.com recently share these Korean celebrities diet menu. Generally, they ate three times a day. But the portion and menu are different each time. Here are some of their menu:

1. Soyou

Soyou was a member of the K-pop group, SISTAR. She had a strict diet menu. In the morning, Kang Ji-Hyun only ate one steamed sweet potato. In the afternoon, she ate three boiled eggs with a slice of toasted bread.
In the night, she ate three Gimbap, rice that was wrapped with seaweeds.

2. Park Shin-Hye

This cute Korean actress had a quite unique menu. In the morning, she consumed cucumber with low-fat milk. In the afternoon, the 27 years-old woman ate a half portion of brown rice with cabbage. For dinner, she had one cucumber and cabbage.

3. Seolhyun

Seolhyun didn’t have a different menu with other Korean celebrities. The sweet girl ate two sweet potatoes in the morning. Then, for lunch, she had two chicken breasts. And for dinner, she ate three boiled eggs.

4. Kang Sora

The Korean actress only had a small cup of yogurt for breakfast and one apple. Different from other Korean celebrities, she added rice on her lunch menu with pumpkin porridge. As for dinner, she had one steamed sweet potato, one lettuce and toast bread.

5. IU

If you know what IU has for her breakfast, you might shake your head. This composer only ate one apple for her breakfast. Then, for lunch, she had two boiled sweet potatoes. And for dinner, she drank one bottle of protein shake.

6. Suzy

When we compared her with other celebrities, it seemed that Suzy wasn’t scared of calories. In the morning, she ate three different foods. First, she ate two chicken breasts, one potato, and one glass of low-fat milk.
For lunch, she ate one portion of brown rice. While in the night, Suzy only ate two sweet potatoes.

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