Korean Artist Tiffany SNSD Shared Her Natural Beauty Treatment

Tiffany SNSD as one of Korean women beauty icons apparently felt bored to spend hours in beauty shop. According to one Korean magazine, Tiffany SNSD liked to use natural treatments to maintain her beauty. So, what did she do? She apparently used 4 natural ingredients to maintain her beauty.

1. Strawberries

Tiffany’s first beauty tips is strawberry. It contains antioxidant, exfoliant and of course a lot of vitamin C. The compounds are very effective to lift dead skin cells. As we know, active women who like to spend their times outside are vulnerable to free radicals and pollutants that will eventually damage their skins. That’s why Tiffany liked to eat strawberry to keep her skin smooth and blameless.

2. Honey

Honey is natural moisturizer. Besides that, it can help removing acne and makes skin smooth and elastic. To reap its benefits, you can apply it on your face as facial mask just like Tiffany did.

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3. Banana

Just like strawberries, banana is also a natural refresher for women skins. It will moisten and maintain women skins’ smoothness. Tiffany and most Korean women really like banana facial masks. So, you should try to use it, even for 10 minutes and you can feel the difference.

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4. Lemon

The last beauty tips from Tiffany SNSD was lemon. She and other Korean women like lemon. Using lemon to maintain beauty apparently is a simple thing to do. You can use its juice as a facial mask ingredient.

Well, the ingredients above can be found easily in our kitchen and are very practical to use as well as cheap. So, what are you waiting for? Try the tips above and feel the difference.

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 Beauty mask products from Korea:

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