Korean Actress Suzy Bae Shared 424 Techniques To Wash Face

Korean celebrities are not only talented, but they are also well-known as people who have bright, blameless skins. Fans don’t only want to follow their fashion styles, hair styles, body figures, but they also want to have the same bright and blameless skins. Luckily, in various occasions, some of them shared how they maintained their beauties. JamuHomeRemedy wrote several articles about the Korean secret techniques to maintain beauty.

Now, one popular Korean actress, Suzy Bae shared a technique that she used to wash her face. This technique is called 424 technique. The name of the technique doesn’t have anything to do with the numbers of techniques, but it refers on the duration of each step. First step requires 4 minutes. The second step requires 2 minutes. And, the last step requires 4 minutes. So, the technique is called 424 technique. The technique is simple and easy to do. You can try to do it at home:

1. Start with cleaning your face from dirt and make-up. Use coconut oil as cleanser. Its anti-bacterial property can clean dirts on your face. Apply it gently and evenly on your face using massaging move. Do this for 4 minutes. If you don’t have coconut oil, you can replace it with almond oil.

2. After that, you can use your favorite facial foam. Pour it on your palm and rub it with your palms until it foamy. Apply the facial foam and rub it on your face for at least 2 minutes. To get the better result, you should try cleansing facial foam that contains vitamin B3. This vitamin is useful to brighten skins.

3. The last step, wash your face for 4 minutes using warm water and after that wash it with cold water to close the pores. Wash it clean until there is no foam anymore.

It is very simple, isn’t it? You can try to do this 4-2-4 face washing technique every day before you sleep. Don’t forget to use moisturizer after you do this technique.

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