Kim Kardashian prefer to breastfeeding her baby for health reason

kim kardashian

After nearly eight months of being a mother for the North West, it seems the reality TV star; Kim Kardashian is still reluctant to appear directly in front of the public. North West is currently 2 months old, but Kim chooses to be at home with her baby. According to sources, Kim still wants to enjoy motherhood. Including breastfeeding and replace diapers.

In the beginning of lactation process, Kim had suffered a swollen breast and breastfeeding difficulties experienced due to pre-eclampsia before delivery. But finally she managed to breastfeed Nori; the nickname of North West, the baby girl who was born last June 15.

The public had doubts about Kim could be because breast-feeding mothers in 2010; Kim really liked giving scathing critique in nursing mothers at a restaurant. But, Kim seems enjoys giving exclusive milk to her baby.

Last August, Kim finally appeared to public for the first time in an event hosted by her mother, Kris Jenner. Indeed, the Kanye West’s fiance didn’t appear directly at the event, but through a video she apologized for not being able to appear at the event.

kim kardashian

In the video, Kim wore a white shirt with long disheveled hairstyle. Kim looked pretty and fresh. It looked like Kim was still not confident with her weight that didn’t return to normal after childbirth. Her cheeks still looked chubby and Kim only showed the upper part of her body in the video.

Using Jamu to increase breast milk production

Kim’s decision to breastfeed her baby is something that should be followed all moms in the world. One problem that new moms experience when they want to breastfeed their babies are breast milk production volumes. They are worried that their breasts cannot produce enough milk for their babies.

There is one jamu that can be used to increase breast milk production called uyup-uyup or gepyokan. This natural remedy is used to improve the milk production. Besides that, it can be used to treat body odor and calm stomach.

The ingredients to make gepyokan are aromatic ginger, ginger, bangle, galingale, turmeric, katu leaves, temulawak, puyang and temugiring. Wash all ingredients and slice them thin. After that, smash them until they become pulp, squeeze and refine the juice. Add the juice into cold water and add some sugar to reduce bitter taste. Drink it once or twice a day.


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