Kemiri Oil Can Thicken Your Hair

Kemiri (Aleurites moluccanus) is also known as Indian Walnut, candlenut, candleberry. Its oil has been being used as beauty product for hair and scalp. Now, there are many hair treatment brands using kemiri oil as their basic ingredients. The question is does kemiri oil really work?

Actually, kemiri oil has been being used to treat scalps since the ancient times. Kemiri is tropical plant and can be found in various places with tropical climates. In those places, kemiri has been being used as hair fertilizer. For instance, Hawaiians know kemiri as kukui. They have been using kukui oil as natural moisturizer. They extract kukui nuts by roasting them.

Initially, Indonesians and Hawaiian used kemiri oil to moisten and protect their skins from scorching sunlight. They have been doing this since hundred years ago. Besides that, kemiri oil was used to protect skin from dry air and salt water. As both of them lived as fishermen.

Kemiri oil can be used for all hair types. It also can brighten and intensifies hair color. To maximize its benefits, the oil should be pure. A good hair treatment is a treatment that can activate hair follicles and reduces head tension. Nutrition in kemiri oil can do that as well making your hair glossy. It also can prevent hair loss.

So, why kemiri oil can be so effective as hair treatment product? This is because it has important essential acids that are important for healthy hair and skin tissues. It has linoleat and linolenic that are good for hair. It has lighter molecules compare to other oils. That’s why kemiri oil can penetrate hair shaft to the deepest parts.

Some general ingredients in kemiri oil are palmitic acid (6.5%), linoleat acid (44.2%), stearic acid (2.4 %), linolenic acid (26.2%) and oleic acid (20.7%). If you want to maximize its benefits, you need to use pure kemiri oil.

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