Katy Perry Diet Method Revealed

katy perry beauty secret revealed

High posture, tight skin and voluptuous body are three things that most women dream about in this world. Many women try hard to get them by doing various things such as reduce meal portions, exercises or even undergo plastic surgery. If they could, they would try to reduce the fats in certain parts of their bodies. Unfortunately, women who have their weight reduced, also find that their breasts sag because the fats in their breasts are also reduced.

The good news is that there is a new diet method, which was introduced by celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry. With this diet, all parts of body can be reduced, except breasts.

This promising diet is known as The Mushroom Diet or M-Plan. The method is simple; just replace the diet menu with mushroom for two weeks. The eating time is up to you. You can eat the mushroom as breakfast, lunch or dinner. And, it is more recommended that people who try this method to eat mushroom raw so the nutrition values are not gone.

This diet becomes a trend all around the world since there were some proofs that it was effective. People, who tried this method, could say goodbye to fats in their stomach, hips, thighs and waists. But they still could maintain their breasts volumes. Thus, they would have voluptuous shape and slim.

However, the mushroom diet apparently is still being a debate subject among scientists. Michelle Davenport, Ph.D., RD, nutritionist director of one healthy food delivery application said that there were no magical foods that could shrink certain parts of body.

“When you follow mushroom diet, it’s just a claim from certain parties that considered this food was a miraculous food, it could be a problem,” Davenport said as quoted by Prevention.

However, mushroom is recognized as a food that has various health benefits for body. This food can fight against flue, it has high fiber content and vitamin D. if it is consumed regularly, it can fulfill vegetable intake in body.

Mushroom can also help reduce calories intake since it can fulfill the amount of fiber, protein and fat that we need. That’s why our bodies feel full longer after we eat mushroom.


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