Jamu Temulawak is the Secret of Governor of Jakarta

Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb

Bad weather in Jakarta in these recent days weren’t prevented Governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to check places directly. Jokowi likes to visit places in Jakarta to know what is happening in the territory that he leads. Sometimes he can do that from morning to the night or even to dawn.

Of course, this activity can drain anyone’s energy. But the governor that was nominated as one of the best majors in the world still looks excited. When he visited one place that is flooded, people were wondering why he has a lot of energy to do his activity.

Journalists who followed him also asked the same question. What is his secret that enables him to keep strong even he has a lot of activities?

“Well, (I) drink jamu that I make,” Jokowi said as quoted by Kompas.

The journalists more curious and asked about the jamu beverage that he drank. Jokowi answered this question with a funny face. He said that the recipe of the beverage is coming from his ancestors.

“(I) just bought temulawak (Curcuma zanthorrhiza) for Rp10,000 ($1) and I got one huge plastic bag of temulawak. Each day, I take one finger and I chop it…,” he said while he was demonstrating how to cut it.

“Boil the pieces with mung beans. Add a bit of palm sugar, and ginger so it will smell good. After the water boiled, drink the concoction daily, you will be always healthy,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi said that he always drinks this concoction for years including when he was a major of Solo City (Surakarta City). To convince the journalists that he had a fit body, Jokowi stretched his shoulders.

Jokowi said that night he would visit flood victims as well as checked water levels in several rivers in  Jakarta. But, he didn’t tell which places that he would visit as well as when he would visit them.



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