Jamu Sinom To Treat Constipation

tamarind homemade mask

Jamu Sinom is Javanese traditional beverage that has been available since the era of Javanese kingdoms. This beverage is made from water, Tamarind and young Tamarind leaves, palm sugar and turmeric. This jamu has a dark yellow color and can be preserved for 7 days without using any artificial preservatives. You can add ice cube to jamu sinom to serve it cold, or you can serve it hot.

Sinom is very good as pick-me-up especially in hot weather. Also, this beverage is good to rehydrate your bodies as well.

Besides that, sinom also has various health benefits: accelerates blood circulation, reduces menstrual pain, reduces weights, treats whitish and many more.

tamarind homemade mask

If you have constipation, then Sinom is the right jamu for you. This herbal can treat constipation as well. So, you can use it as home remedy for your problem.

Its flavonoid also has another benefit as anti inflammation so sinom can be used to reduce pain, inflammation and joint pain as well as to cure cough and fever.

How to make Jamu Sinom


-100 gram of sinom leaves (young tamarind leaves)

-100 gram of ripe tamarind

-250 gram of palm sugar

-250 gram of granulated sugar

-1 teaspoon of salt

-2 cloves of turmeric

-4 liters of water


  1. Wash sinom leaves and turmeric

  2. Boil water and put sinom leaves, turmeric, tamarind. Wait until the water is boiled and add palm sugar. Reduce the heat and stir the water occasionally.

  3. After five minutes, add granulated sugar and stir the water to make sure that the sugar melts. Boil for another five minutes.

  4. Wait until the jamu sinom cold and refine the water.

  5. You can serve it with ice cubes if you like.

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