Jamu Kunyit Asam (Turmeric Tamarind) to Reduce Body Odor

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Body odor is not just annoying for people because it smells, but it also can cost our reputations whether in workplaces or social lives. This is because people who have body odors seem like people who are not maintaining their personal hygiene well. It also makes us fell less confidence as well.

Take a bath regularly and using deodorant will help reduce our body odors. We can also consume herb like jamu kunyit asam (turmeric tamarind) to combat body odor. If bathe and deodorant are our external weapons to fight body odor, then jamu kunyit asam will be our internal weapon. It will reduce body odor even if we sweat a lot.

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Why can jamu kunyit asam reduce body odor? This is because the substances in turmeric, which are sapomin, flavoinoida and essential oils can eliminate body odor. The good news is you can make this jamu beverage.


1/2 kg turmeric

1/4 kg palm sugar

1/2 kg tamarind

2 liters water

one teaspoon of salt


-Grate turmeric and squeeze the pulp to gain its juice

-Add palm sugar, tamarind and salt to the juice

-Mix and boil them.

Drink the concoction at least once a day. You can keep the leftovers in refrigerator.

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