Jamu Kunyit Asam To Lose Weight

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Having a slim body is a dream of almost all women and girls all around the world. Many women will do anything they can to get body shapes that they want. One of those ways is by drinking traditional medicines. One of popular jamu (Indonesian traditional medicine) recipes to lose weight is kunyit asam (tamarind turmeric). Not only this jamu will help you lose weight, but turmeric is also believed to be an effective home remedy for depression.

Turmeric has various health benefits. According to research, turmeric (kunyit) has various substances that are important for body. Those substance are protein, fat, carbohydrate, potassium, mineral, starch, phosphor, essential oils, curcumin and bisdesmetoksikurkumin.

Combination between turmeric (kunyit) and tamarind (asam) can increase body metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, dump fat and helps distribute fresh oxygen in bloods. In the end, these two spices can help you lose weight.

How to make turmeric tamarind jamu recipes:


-1/2 kg turmeric

-1/4 palm sugar

-1/2 kg of tamarind

-2 liter of water

-1/2 teaspoon of salt.


-Grate or blend turmeric until it becomes pulp. Then, squeeze the pulp to gain the juice.

-Boil the juice and add tamarind, palm sugar and salt. Wait until it is boiling.

-Prepare the drink. You can serve it cold or hot.

This recipe has been used by Javanese women from generations to generations to lose weight. ┬áDon’t forget to subscribe us on Facebook, Twitter or by email if you don’t want to miss useful information about jamu.

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