Jamu Kudu Laos, Herbal Drink Made From Noni Fruits

Jamu drinks are traditional herbal drinks that have various health benefits for bodies. There are many jamu recipes that Jamu Home Remedy have been writing about. Now, we talk about Jamu Kudu Laos. It is made from two main ingredients: kudu/mengkudu or noni fruits (Morinda citrifolia) dan laos/ lengkuas or galangal (Alpinia galanga). This jamu tastes sweet sour with warm aftertaste spreads to your body.

So, what are the benefits of Jamu Kudu Laos? Students at Pharmacy Department, University of Tanjungpura, Pontianak, Indonesia did research about the benefits, especially for its anti-diabetic properties.

They tested jamu kudu laos on 25 mice on a laboratory. According to the phytochemical screening, Jamu Kudu Laos contained alkaloids, saponin, flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenoids, and steroids. The conclusion of the research was that the drink had antidiabetic activity by reducing the damage in islands of Langerhans as well as reducing the blood glucose levels in mice. You can read the journal here (in the Indonesian language).

The conclusion of the research was supported by another research. The research was done by students at the Department of Biology, UNISMA, Indonesia. You can read the journal here (in the Indonesian language).  The recipe below is taken from this source. 


-1 old Mengkudu/ Noni fruit, sliced

-4 fingers of galangal, sliced

-1 thumb red ginger, peel and bruised

-1 finger of kencur (java ginger), peel and bruised

-7 cardamom grains, smash

-2 teaspoons of coriander

-4 glasses of water (800 ml) and

-2 tablespoons of aren sugar/ palm sugar


1. Boil all ingredients on small fire until the water shrink to two glasses of water. You should smell a strong fragrant aroma.

2. Refine the concoction.

3. Add the palm sugar as the sweetener. If you don’t mind the bitter taste, you don’t have to add the sugar.

4. Drink while it is warm.

There are several additional benefits of Jamu Kudu Laos. But, these are not scientifically proven yet. Those benefits are improving blood circulation, warms the body, makes your stomach comfortable, improves appetites, reduce menstrual pain and refreshes the body.

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