Jamu is as Effective as Modern Medicine to Treat Diabetes

home remedy for diabetes

Jamu is starting to be Popular

Various medicinal plants apparently also have ability to cure various conditions that are considered diseases by modern society. No wonder if Health Ministry of Indonesia also keep developing researches about jamu.

According to herbal practitioner and a doctor in Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Tanaman Obat dan Obat Tradisional (B2P2TOOT), Tawangmangu, Danang Ardiyanto, medication concept with natural ingredients is popular today.

Met at national seminar Diabetes Mellitus: Si Manis Berujung Kronis at University of Setia Budi (USB), Solo last weekend, Danang said that medication with traditional medicine has been popular since society want to reduce or stop the usage of chemical components. “Day by day, more people come to us. At first, there were only tens people per day. But now, there are 150-170 people per day,” Danang said.

Jamu is difference from TCM and Ayurvedha

In that seminar, Danang explained that jamu has a difference with traditional medicine from other countries such as China with its traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM uses balance philosophy between yin and yang. While India has Ayurvedha, which is based on four nature elements.

Jamu as Indonesian traditional medicine based on four basic concepts. They are wholeness in unity or holistic, natural and maintain balance, disease and unbalance also healing power from nature. In composing jamu, his institution use three approaches. First, empirical approach through ethnobotany survey result that were published on traditional literature such as Serat Centhini and jamu from Surakarta palace. Second, is chemotaxonomy approach where various species in one family have possibility to have similar chemical compound. Third, holistic approach.

Plants to Treat Diabetes

There are several plants that can be used to treat diabetes such as brotowali (Tinospora cordifolia), sambiloto (Andrographis Paniculata), salam (Syzygium polyanthum), Aloe Vera, mahkota dewa (Phaleria Macrocarpa), pare (bitter melon), turmeric and meniran (Phyllantusniruri).Brotowali and sambiloto have bitter taste. They were used by (Indonesian) ancestors to treat diabetes. Probably they thought that they should fight sweet with bitter,” Danang said.

home remedy for diabetes
Bitter melon or pare is effective to cure diabetes

The initial purpose of the building of great hall is to accelerate jamu scientific verification process. The purpose is that society can take advantage on complementary medications as well as alternative medications that are effective and safe. Indonesia is well known to have hundreds of jamu concoctions. And, they need to be proven scientifically to make sure that they are safe and effective.

Source: Solopos

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