Jamu Ice-Cream, A Fun Way to Enjoy Traditional Medicine

jamu ice cream

Jamu, as Indonesian traditional medicine, has various benefits especially for children. But, most Jamu recipes have bitter tastes that make children don’t want to consume them. But, now there is a new innovation to popularize this home remedy, which is jamu ice-cream. Ice-cream that is made using natural herbal and with the same health benefits.

One of jamu ice-cream makers was Retno Widati, a woman who lived in Jalan Kayu Manis Timur 8, Matraman, Jakarta had a strong will to make jamu more popular among Indonesian people especially kids. According to Retno, there were many jamu sellers, but the buyers were decreased. That’s why she wanted to innovate by creating jamu ice-cream.

jamu ice cream
Herbatic, jamu ice-cream.

“This jamu ice-cream is my idea to introduce jamu to various circles. I see now that jamu has been forgotten by modern Indonesian people, whereas it has powerful health benefits. I regret this very much. That’s why I create this idea to popularize jamu in the form of ice-cream as I see many children like ice-cream,” Retno said to detikHealth, Wednesday (17/4/2013).

The favorite jamu ice-cream made by Retno was beras kencur as it had natural sweet taste. Children in her neighbourhood like this ice-cream very much. Of course, not only beras kencur that could be made as ice-cream. Other jamu recipes could be made as ice-cream as well as long as we have ice cubes and salt.

Retno guaranteed that her jamu ice-creams were similar with traditional jamu. Indeed, many people like jamu ice- creams she made, but she had a principle to only preserve jamu without business elements. She felt that she was too old to turn this idea into business, so she didn’t want to sell her innovation. However, Retno was very opened if there any parties wanted to use her innovation. She welcomed them if they wanted to learn how to make jamu ice creams.

“The training (to make the ice-creams) is free. Just come to my therapy place, I would teach you how to make jamu ice-cream. I would be happy if there were people who wanted to learn how to preserve jamu,” Retno said.

Besides Retno Widati, in Jogjakarta, there were 5 students of Farm Technology Faculty of Gadjah Mada University that had jamu ice-cream business. These students were Elok Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslia, Arif Sugianto, Anisa Dian Safitri and Aryo Dwi Nugroho. Products that they made were labelled as Herbatic, standed for Herbal Nabati Ice-Cream.

Each week, they could sell more than 90 cups of ice-cream Herbatic, which was sold Rp. 3,500 per cup (about 35 cent). Herbatic was sold limited in the faculty cafetaria, Resto Vegan Somayoga, Vihara Bodhicitta Maitreya, Minimarket Plaza Agro. There were various flavors such as ginger, kencur (aromatic ginger), temulawak, tamarind turmeric, and red ginger.


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