Jamu From Wonosobo, Not Bitter and Presented Like Beverages in Cafe

Indonesian traditional drinks like jamu are mostly considered bitter and archaic. But, in Wonosobo, Indonesia, one of jamu producers in Rojoimo area, Daryanti changes the image. She presents jamu in modern way like those beverages you find in cafes. Not only that, these jamu beverages have various flavours.

For instance there are jamu latte, jamu milkshake, jamu ice-cream and iced jamu cincau dieng. The beverages are served cold or hot. “Jamu to date is considered bitter. So, the younger generation don’t want to drink it. Even when they hear it they dislike it. That’s why we bring this concept of modern jamu,” Daryanti said, as quoted from Detik.

She notes that even jamu is mixed with ice cubes, milk or cream, the health benefits are still intact. For instance, red ginger jamu has health benefit to warm our bodies. Even when we mix it with cream, it still can warm our bodies and fights against cold.

“Another instance is turmeric jamu (jamu kunyit) for stomachache or jamu temulawak to improve appetite. So, if children don’t like jamu because they are bitter, these modern jamu are sweeter,” she added.

To create these modern jamu recipes, Daryanti collaborates with Wonosobo chef community. She hopes that this collaboration will create delicious jamu beverages with interesting packaging. For now, these modern jamu are available in cafes in Wonosobo. She hopes these beverages are better known among youth. “With this innovation, we hope it can attract youth. I hope these jamu will be as popular as coffee among youth,” she explained.

Daryanti also mentioned that her traditional jamu has been being marketed to various countries. She has been making jamu since 2013. Until now the traditional jamu has been being marketing to countries like Netherland, Suriname and Thailand.

“For domestic, it has been being marketed in almost all big cities. Like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya. But, for overseas, there are only three countries now. But, all that we have been selling are pure jamu,” she explained.

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