Jamu for Postpartum


Your condition after gave birth is not like the usual, you need to maintain your condition so it will remain stable. One solution that we can try is by drinking some traditional medicines. There are some jamu and traditional treatments for postpartum period. Today we discuss one jamu that new mothers can drink after they gave birth.

The main ingredient of this jamu is papaya leaves. Papaya leaves can be used as natural body slimming. Prepare 7 gram of papaya leaves, 10 gram of kayu rapet (Parameria laevigata (Juss) Moldenke), 10 gram of sendok leaves (Plantago major), 7 gram of iler leaves (Coleus scutellarioides, Linn, Benth), 7 gram of sambiloto leaves (Andrographis paniculata) and 7 gram of tamarind.

Mash all ingredients and boil them with two glasses of water. Drink this jamu twice a day. If you cannot take the bitter taste of papaya leaves, you can squeeze and boil papaya leaves with salt.


For mothers who just gave birth, it is not suggested to diet. You can try to reduce weight by drinking jamu, maintain calories intakes and exercise regularly.

Besides papaya leaves, kayu rapet (Parameria laevigata (Juss) Moldenke) is useful to reduce pain after gave birth, dysentery, scabs and wounds. It is also useful to tighten vagina.

Source: Posyandu.org.

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