Jamu Can Heal Various Diseases, Myth or Fact?

There are many people consider traditional jamu can heal various diseases. Apparently, this is not completely correct. According to Ir. Heru D. Wardana, jamu could not heal diseases.

He said, jamu basically was to prevent diseases. “Actually jamu is not medicine, jamu is more for (health) promotion and prevention. So, (jamu) improves body immune, then prevents (diseases come),” Heru said when he was met by Kompas.com at Kampoeng Djamu Organik (Organic Djamu Village), Thursday (19/7/2018).

Even though Heru said jamu could not heal diseases, he didn’t blame the myth completely. “Jamu actually has curative elements, but it doesn’t work instantly like pharmaceutical drugs. If pharmaceutical drugs, for example fever (is given) paracetamol, the fever comes down immediately. However, jamu doesn’t work like that, it doesn’t work instantly,” Heru said.

Another example, soursop leaves were believed to cure cancer. However, the function of soursop leaves was actually for food chain cutters for cancer cells.

“Cancer cells need food, if we drink (soursop leaves) jamu, it cuts their foods and eventually the cells die,” Heru said.

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