Jamu Bersalin, Complete Care for Maternity Process

Do you want to try traditional treatment package for after childbirth? It is OK as long as you know the purpose and how to use them. How safe is it and how much the benefit it offers? Here the answer from dr. Dewi Prabarini S Soeharto, SpOG as quoted from AyahBunda.co.id:

1. Jamu Bersalin

Maternity jamu usually is divided into three parts, the ones that are be drunk for the first 10 days, the second 10 days and the third 10 days. Their benefits among others are to tighten loose abdominal muscles, to revive stamina, improve breast milk production, clean dirty blood in uterus, helps wounds healing and to shrink uterus into the normal size.


Is mother that just gave birth allowed to consume maternity jamu?

In principle, a woman that just gave birth can consume this jamu. However, for them who have liver disorder, for instance is positive with Hepatitis B or ever suffered jaundice, it is better not to consume this jamu since it will disturb metabolism in liver. Or for them who suffered complication during childbirth for instance torn uterus, this jamu can trigger excessive uterus contraction.

How far pregnant mothers can gain benefit from this jamu package?

This jamu can help parturition process takes place in time, which is for 40 days.

What if the mother gets medicines from doctor that she should drink?

It is better she asks the doctor if she is allowed to consume maternity jamu or not. And, how to combine it with the medicines that the doctor gives. Maybe, she should give interval between one to two hours.

Are there anything  should we notice for the baby?

The jamu, even just a bit, will come out through breast milk. If the baby suffers diarrhea, it means he or she is intolerant of the jamu.


It is used by applying it lengthwise and covers forehead. Its benefits are to treat dizziness, to improve eyes health, to treat headache and to prevent white blood to reach head.

How far a mother can have the benefits from pilis?

Actuallly, from the point of health, its benefits are still doubtful. The headache that a mother suffers, for instance, it can be caused because she lacks of sleep. The best medicine is sleeping. There is also no medical term for white blood reaches head.

What are eyes disorders that a mother can possibly suffer after she gave birth?

Blur vision is possible. Especially for mothers who suffer high blood pressure or swelling. To prevent it, she should reduce salt intake and has enough sleep.

 3. Param

It is used by applying it on whole body except breasts and stomach. The purpose it to prevent swelling that a new mother suffers.

Do all mothers who just gave birth can use param?

Yes, as long as their skins are not sensitive and the param is not too thick. Param has warming effect. If it is too warm, it can burn the skin.

How far can pregnant mothers get the benefits from param?

Param can help reduce sores in arms and foot muscles because it can deal with swelling on those areas. Avoid breasts and stomach areas because both have weak and sensitives tissues.

4. Tapel

Tapel is mixed with whiting and lemon, apply it on stomach before a mother uses bengkung or stagen. Its purpose is to reduce pains in stomach, deflates stomach and recovers its condition.

Can all mothers who just gave birth use tapel?

Yes, if the mother gave birth naturally. If she had undergone cesarean section, then tapel cannot be used until the wounds are healed, approximately two weeks after giving birth. However, the tapel should not be applied on the scars.

How much is the effectiveness of tapel?

Tapel warms stomach, makes intestine works or contracts faster. It helps deflate stomach. Whiting and lemon have anti cellulite nature. But, your skin is sensitive, and there is too much whiting, it can irritate it.



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