Is Meat Useful To Treat Low Blood Pressure?

sate kambing

Some people consume meat like goat meat as a natural remedy for hypotension or low blood pressure. Whereas, low blood pressure can be caused by various reasons and it is not always being treated by consuming goat meat.

According to Dr. Ari Farial Syam, an internist, a low blood pressure can be caused by bleeding, lack of drinks, fatigue or lack of sleep.

“Low tension also can be caused by disorders in hearts either because there is disorder in valves, heart attack or even heart failure,” he said as quoted by Viva News.

According to Ari, they who suffer low blood pressure and consume meat, usually never think deeper about the reasons why they suffer hypotension.

sate kambing

For instance, if they suffer it because heart disorder, then consume meat will make their conditions worsen.

“The direct effect is constipation, moreover if you have GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). It will be getting worse. Not to mention for long-term effect, which are increased levels of fat and blood cholesterol,” he said.

He added that goat meat just as other red meat contains high saturated fat (LDL). “The saturated fat contains many bad fats that can accumulate in blood vessels,” he explained.

To consume meat without worsen your health condition; Ari suggested that we should consume it in moderate level. And, we should balance our diet by consuming fruits and vegetables to reduce unwanted side-effects.


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