Is It Safe To Use Postpartum Traditional Treatment? Part 2

Do you want to try postpartum traditional treatment package? Indonesia has postpartum traditional treatment package such as jamu bersalin (maternity medicine), pilis, tapel, bengkuas/ stagen. Are they safe and really beneficial? dr. Dewi Prabarini S. Soeharto SpOG answered this for

On part two, we will discuss Pilis and Param. Pilis and param are pastes made from different ingredients. They are believed to have different health benefits and smeared on different parts of mothers.


It is used by smearing it lengthwise to cover the forehead. The benefits are to reduce dizziness, protects eyes health, treats headache and prevents white blood from reaching the head.

-How far can pregnant mothers get benefits from pilis?

Actually, in terms of health, its benefits are doubtful. The dizziness that new mothers feel could be because they don’t sleep enough. The best medicine is to get enough sleep. While, medically, there is no such thing as white blood reaches the head.

-What kinds of eye disorders can new mothers suffer?

Eye disorder such as blurred vision may happen. Especially if the mother suffers high blood pressure or swelling. To prevent this, reduce salt intake and get enough sleep.


Param is used by smearing it on the whole body, except breasts areas and stomach. The purpose is to reduce swelling that the new mother experiences after she gave birth.

-Are all new mothers allowed to use param?

Yes, as long as their skins are not sensitive and the param is not too thick. Param has warming effects. If it’s too thick, it can burn the skin. So, be careful when you use it, dr. Dewi said.

-How far can pregnant mothers get benefits from param?

Param can help reduce aches on hand muscles and leg muscles because they might be swollen. Avoid using param in breast areas and stomach area. The tissues in those areas are weaker than the rest areas. Param is only working on muscles.

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