Is It Safe To Use Postpartum Traditional Treatment? Part 1

Do you want to try postpartum traditional treatment package? Indonesia has postpartum traditional treatment package such as jamu bersalin (maternity medicine), pilis, tapel, bengkuas/ stagen. Are they safe and really beneficial? dr. Dewi Prabarini S. Soeharto SpOG answered this for

On part one, we will discuss maternity medicine or jamu bersalin. This medicine is divided into three parts. The first part is consumed in the first 10 days. The second part is consumed in the second 10 days. And the third part is consumed in the third 10 days.

It is believed that this medicine is useful to tighten stomach muscles, improves stamina, increases breast milk supply, cleans blood in the womb, helps wounds recovery and helps to slim the stomach.

Can a mother consume this medicine after she gave birth?

dr. Dewi said that basically, she could. But for new mothers who ever had liver disorders such as hepatitis B or jaundice, they should avoid this medicine. It is because this jamu is metabolized in the liver. A mother who had complications during childbirth such as the torn uterus should avoid this medicine. The jamu could cause excessive uterine contractions.

How far can a pregnant mother get benefit from jamu bersalin?

This jamu could help the parturition process runs on time for about 40 times.

What if doctors give pregnant mothers medicines?

It is better to consult doctors first whether you could drink jamu bersalin or not. If you can, don’t consume it simultaneously with the prescription medicines. You should at least give 1 or 2 hours distance.

Will the jamu affect baby?

Jamu will come out through breast milk even though in a small amount. If the baby suffers diarrhea, then it means that he or she is not tolerant with the jamu.

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