Is It Safe to Mix Various Jamu Beverages?

When people buy jamu beverages, sometimes they ask the seller to mix some beverages. The seller will be glad to mix those jamu beverages in one glass. Sometimes, some jamu sellers even add chemical drugs in their jamu as well. The purpose? They think it will enhance the health benefits of jamu. But is it right and safe?

“If we just randomly mix (jamu beverages), the reactions between ingredients will negate each other. There are some ingredients that will enhance the side-effects of other ingredients, so it will make our health worsen. That’s why we shouldn’t just randomly mix jamu beverages,” dr Aldrin Nelwan, Sp. AK., MARS., M.Kes., M. Biomed, traditional medical expert from Hospital of Cancer Darmais, Jakarta, Indonesia said to

He also explained some negative effects that would happen when a body consumes wrong jamu beverages mixture, especially the one that is added with chemical drugs. He said that interactions between substances in jamu and chemical drugs could affect nutrition absorption in intestine and stomach. Besides that, it could disturb distribution function, body metabolism balance and excretory system. “The effect of the interaction to health could lead to death,” dr Aldrin said.

Senna leaves (
Senna leaves (

Aldrin gave some examples of jamu beverages that should not be mixed together. He said the interaction between substances in those beverages will negate each other. Here are those jamu beverages that we shouldn’t mix together:

1. Senna leaves and tea

Senna leaves work in gastrointestinal tract. It has benefits to facilitate bowel movement, while tea has the opposite effect. Tea will prevent bowel movement.

2. Valerian and nutmeg

Both work on nerve cells that are associated with sleep. But both have opposite nature.

3. Curcumin and garlic

The combination between both will affect liver. Garlic activates certain enzymes that affect liver, while curcumin will do the opposite.

4. Cat’s whisker plant and foods contain potassium

Combination between two ingredients will confuse our muscles. Cat’s whisker plant will relax muscles while potassium strengthen muscles contraction.

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