Indonesian Traditional Medicine is Gaining Popularity

homemade turmeric mask recipes

Medical knowledge in the world is growing from time to time. But, even modern medication is getting sophisticated; people are still using traditional medicine that is made from roots, and leaves. Some traditional medicines such as Indonesian medicine are popular now. Not to mention, there are more research about the effectiveness of Indonesian traditional medicine to cure diseases.

Previously, the traditional medicine recipes were passed down from generation to generation.  They were made using traditional methods such as boiling, squeezing, and mashing. But, people start to use modern methods to make them.

Some big companies now start to produce jamu as well in modern ways. Jamu as Indonesian traditional medicine also has various forms now such as pill, capsule, ointment, brewed drink, etc. One of those companies is PT Deltomed that has a factory in Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia.  Deltomed has exported jamu to international market.

President of Deltomed Nyoto Wardoyo told Solopos, Tuesday (16/12) that Indonesian people start to embrace jamu as a way to maintain health and cure disease. That’s why jamu and herbal medicine sales are increasing from time to time.

Nyoto, who is also Chief of Association of Jamu Sellers Central Java said that sales of jamu in Indonesia reached Rp14 trillion. “However, jamu market is still small,” he said.

According to him, the number would be multiplied if government supported it and there were strong will from jamu sellers.

Nyoto said that there were four basic functions of jamu. First, to cure certain disease such as cancer. Second, to maintain health for instance to maintain blood flow and organ function. Third, to reduce pains such as sore. Fourth, to normalize organ function for example to treat infertility.

Jamu products that were sold did those four functions. However, there was a big homework for jamu industry, which is to find cures for serious diseases such as cancer. “I have heard that there is a company that extracts active content in white turmeric to cure cancer,” he explained.

There was other herbal product that could be used as example, Venacare. This product is made by Tahesta. Venacare is claimed as a solution for heart disease. It is made from garlic, lemon, ginger and apple fermentation. This concoction is believed to be able to reduce bad cholesterol in body and clean plaques that block blood vessels.



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