How to Use Mung Beans to Heal Mouth Ulcer and Other Diseases

Yesterday we learned that mung beans are useful to control and prevent diabetes. Apparently mung beans still have various health benefits and can be used as home remedies for various diseases. Mung beans are not like other vegetables, which that will lose their health benefits if you boil them longer. Mung beans are not affected by heat. Not only does it delicious, but it also has various benefits. For instance, it can improve your libido.

Mung beans are rich in vegetable protein, vitamin (A, B1 and C) as well as various mineral. Its sprouts contain vitamin E that is not found in ground nuts and soy beans.

The usage of mung beans sprouts as foods are common in Indonesia. Besides their seeds, its leaves can be used as foods as well.

Heat resistant

According to Ir I.G.A Ari Agung M., a lecturer at Program Studi Teknologi Pangan dan Gizi (Food Technology and Nutrition Department) Universitas 17 Agustus (Untag) Surabaya, Indonesia, 110 gram of mung beans contain 345 calories, 22.2 gram of protein, 1.2 gram of fat and the rest are vitamin A, B1, 1.157 IU, phosphorus, iron and manganese. Apparently, besides containing various vitamin, mineral and other nutrition, mung beans can help heal various diseases. Those diseases are beri-beri, kidneys inflammation, indigestion, high blood pressure, alcohol poisoning, pesticide poisoning, plumbum poisoning, itchy from prickly heat, vomiting, impotency, tuberculosis (TBC), acne, black spots and strengthen spleen and stomach functions, etc. Mung beans can reduce fever as well. Even according to research, it is the best natural fever-lowering drug available.

The great thing is even we boil them in a very long time, they still have health benefits and are not affected by heat. It is different with other nuts, vegetables, fruits and other traditional medicines that will lose their health benefits if they are boiled for a very long time.

Mung Beans (Shutterstock).
Mung Beans (Shutterstock).

Various mung bean home remedy recipes

There are various diseases that can be healed by consuming mung beans. These recipes are taken from various sources including from Drs. Didik Gunawan, Apt. S.U., a lecturer from Pharmacy Department University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Urine laxative


-30 grams of mung beans

-30 grams of Plantago (Plantaginis Mayoris Folium)

-400 cc of water



Boil the mung beans with Plantago (Plantaginis Mayoris Folium) in 400 cc of water. Boil them in clay pot until cooked. After the concoction is cold, add honey as much as you like. Drink the concoction regularly to facilitate urination.



-60 grams of mung beans

-15 peppercorns

-3 grams of cinnamons

-3 grams of nutmegs

-3 grams of cloves

-3 grams of cardamoms

-2 pieces of ginger

-1 liter of water


Boil mung beans, peppercorns, cinnamons, nutmegs, cardamoms, cloves and ginger in one liter of water. Wait until there is only 1/2 liter of water. After it’s cold, drink the concoction.

Mouth ulcer, beri-beri


– a handful of mung beans

-500 ml water

-2 gingers

-Sugar (as much as you like).

Boil the mung beans and gingers in the water and add the sugar (or honey). Drink the concoction 2 times a day until you heal.

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