How to Use Guazumae Folium as Natural Remedy

Guazumae Folium or in Indonesia called Jati Belanda (Dutch teak tree) is found in Caribia, South East Asia, Mexico, Central America and Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. It has been cultivated in India for more than 100 years.

Guazumae is a medium tree. Its leaves are asymmetric. It has white cream flowers during summer or dry season. Its fruits look similar with Rudraksha’s fruits. However, guazumae’s fruits taste like cherry.

One Tree That Has Many Benefits

This tree has mucous substance on its fiber. This substance has a lubricating nature so it can prevent fat absorption, glucose, and cholesterol that are found in foods and to help stool. Its tannin works as astringent, a substance that will precipitate protein in mucus that covers inner gut. Eventually, it will make it harder to absorb fat.

Guazumae Folium Side-effect

Prapti Utami, a doctor who learned traditional medicine and joined Association of Indonesian Doctors Developer of Eastern Traditional Medicine (Perhimpunan Dokter Indonesia Pengembang Kesehatan Tradisional Timur) warned that guazumae’s leaves have side-effect, which can cause stomach irritation. That’s why, people who have stomach ulcer should be careful when they want to use guazumae as medicine.

side effect of guazumae folium
Guazumae Folium

To reduce its side-effect, people should consume it with temulawak (Java Ginger or Curcuma zanthorrhiza) or Kunir Putih (White Turmeric or Curcuma Alba Rhizoma).

How to Use Guazumae Folium as Home Remedy

To Loss Weight

-7 Leaves of Guazumae Folium

-7 Leaves of Tempuyung

-115 ml of water

Put all ingredients and boil them. Drink the concoction (100 ml) once a day. Do it for 30 days.

To treat flatulence

-2 Teaspoons of guazumae folium powder

-Boiled water 100 ml

-1 drop of fennel oil

Mix all ingredients and drink the concoction. Twice a day, each 100 ml. Repeat it for 7 days.

Cholesterol solvent

To use it as cholesterol solvent, take a few dry leaves of guazumae folium, and brew them with hot water just as if you are making tea. Refine the water. Add one tablespoon of honey if you want to add some sweet taste.

To cure diarrhea

-20 gram of guazumae folium powder and brew it with hot water. Refine the water and drink it twice a day. If you like, you can add aromatic ginger and honey. Just for caution: people who have a problem with their kidneys should not take this drink.

As a slimming concoction

Take 7 leaves of guazumae folium, wash them clean and add one finger of bangle, wild ginger or white turmeric. Boil all the ingredients with one and a half of water. Wait until only one glass of water left. Refine the water and drink the concoction.

Remember to add wild ginger or white turmeric to reduce its side-effect that irritates stomach. While you drink this concoction, drink a lot of water.

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