How to Treat Acne with Clove Oil


Clove has various benefits. For instance, it is used as one of the ingredients of cigarette. Not only that, clove can also helpful to treat skin problems from allergy, blackheads, whiteheads, itchy skin and acne (cystic acne and inflammatory acne as well). With its fragrance aroma and warmth, acne will be dried slowly and then, healed without leaving any scars.

Clove is a tropical plant that has functions as analgesic, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and also painkiller. It is usually used in medicines, clove will prevent acne and kills bacteria that cause acne.

To use clove oil is easy, you only need to apply the oil on the acne and let it for a whole night. There are several things you should know about clove oil:

-Clove oil formula is very strong, it could cause irritation on sensitive skin. That’s why for people with sensitive skin, they can mix it with other oils. And, you should only apply it on the acne.

-This oil is flammable, so it should be kept in cold areas. Also, it cannot be mixed with chemical substances, only with natural oil or water.

-The oil can cause allergic reaction, so before you apply it on your face, try to apply it on your hand first to see how your skin reacts

.-Natural clove oil can only be used with doctor’s prescription.-It cannot be applied with other cream or drugs.

There are some natural oils that can be mixed with clove oil: lavender oil, citrus oil, tea tree oil, olive oil and water.


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