How to Make Parem Beras Kencur

home remedy, beras kencur

The word parem usually refers to a paste or pulp that is applied on parts of body that are hurt, sore or require treatment. So, parem is traditional paste medicine for external use. Parem Beras Kencur (Beras= rice, kencur= aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga) like its name is made from rice and aromatic ginger as main ingredients.

Essential oil in aromatic ginger can be used for massage and aroma therapy. Using its essential oil to massage can calm mind and soul, relax muscles and the most important: reduce stress. In the case of dermatitis and depression, essential oil can be an effective remedy. Besides that, Parem Beras Kencur (Beras= rice, kencur= aromatic ginger, Kaempferia galanga) is useful to treat soreness, and swelling.

That’s why, ancient people in Indonesia and old generations still use this paste to treat dislocate parts of body by applying the param on the swelling parts. To make it easier to use param, people turn the mixture into powder. So, if they want to use it, they will only have to add water. Using any kinds of param can give cold, comfortable and warm sensation on our body.

You can make your own homemade parem. Try this recipe:

home remedy, beras kencur


1. 2 glasses of rice powder

2. 2 ounces of aromatic ginger

3. 2 ounces of ginger

4. 1 ounce of Lempuyang (Zingiber zerumbet )

5. 1 ounce of temu giring (Curcuma heyneana)

6. 1 ounce of clove

7. 1 ounce of Pala (Myristica fragrans) seeds

8. 1 ounce of cinnamon

9. 1 ounce of Adas pulowaras (Pimpinella Anisum)

10. 10 cc of Gandapura (Gaultheria Procumbens/Wintergreen) oil

11. Water


1. Peel all ingredients that need to be peeled

2. Slices the ingredients and dry them.

3. Mash the dried ingredients until they become powder.

4. Mix the powder with water and wintergreen oil

5. You can use the paste/parem directly, or you can dry them into powder and use it later.

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