How to Make Mangosteen Tea

benefits of mangosteen

Mangosteen is a medicinal plant that is planted in tropical areas. It has purple color or brown and green leaves. Mangosteen is covered with skin that looks like a tight shell that protects its white meat. In one fruit, there are at least five to seven meats, which each looks like semicircle.

We can enjoy its meat that tastes sweet. However, its skin can be used to make tea as well. In fact, its skin can be used to treat various diseases like dysentery or chronic diarrhea for children or adults.

benefits of mangosteen

To make mangosteen tea, first peel the fruit and separate the skin and the meat. Wash and clean the skin. While you are boiling water, puree the skin in food processor. Then, put the pulp into the boiling water. After it is cold, you can add the meat or sugar as many as you like.




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