How to Make Jamu Temulawak (Java Ginger/ Curcuma zanthorrhiza)


Jamu Temulawak (Java ginger/Curcuma zanthorrhiza) is one of popular traditional medicines in Indonesia. It has similar form with turmeric, but with a special aroma. This beverage is popular because it has sweet taste and it’s easy to make.

“Temulawak can be said as the heart of traditional medicines, 70 percent of jamu sellers use temulawak,” Charles Saerang, chief director of PT Njonja Meneer, one of the biggest Jamu producers in Indonesia, said to VivaNews.

Since the last 40 years, researches have proven the benefits of Java ginger as a cure for liver disease. The key is on its curcuminoids and essential oil contents, which accelerate liver cells regeneration (which once were broken because of chemical toxin).

Curcuminoids are consisted from curcumin and desmetoksikurkumin, which are useful to neutralize toxic, remove joints pain, increase bile secretion, reduce cholesterol level and blood triglycerides, anti-bacteria, prevent fatty liver cells and antioxidant. While essential oil content is useful to improve bile production and reduce tissue inflammation.

No wonder if Indonesian Government started a program National Movement to Drink Temulawak. There are various health benefits of jamu temulawak. This concoction reduces inflammation, heal stomach ulcer, reduces rancidity of menstrual blood, stimulates appetite, reduces body odor. Parents usually use Java ginger drinks to stimulate their children’s appetites. This home remedy is also good for nursing mother since it will increase breast milk productions. Besides that, temulawak can help fight kidney disease, hepatitis, fever, sores and aches, improves stamina and many more.

There are various ways to make this concoction:

1. Slice wild ginger/Java ginger thin. Dry them under the sun for two days. After they dry, boil them with water for 10 minutes. You can drink it directly without any additions or you can mix it with palm sugar and pandan leaves. 

2. Prepare these ingredients:

-100 gram temulawak

-40 gram tamarind

-200 mm mineral water

-4 leaves of pandan

-200 gram of palm sugar

-20 gram of caraway

-50 gram of aromatic ginger

-2 liters of water.


-First, chop Java ginger and aromatic ginger thin. After that, roast them.

-Mix Java ginger, aromatic ginger with tamarind, caraway and 200 millimeter mineral water and blend them with blender.

-Boil palm sugar and pandan leaves.

-The last step, mix the sugar water and Java ginger concoction. Mix and refine them. This drink can be served for six glasses.



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