How to Make Homemade Mangosteen Mask to Treat Acne

benefits of mangosteen

Not only does this fruit rich with antioxidant, mangosteen skin is also useful for beauty. One of its benefits is  as a home remedy for skin problems like acne. If we use homemade mangosteen mask regularly, at least once a week, you will have blameless skin without acne.

As we know, mangosteen skin has vitamin C, fiber and potassium. Its skin also has antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammation, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, so it can cure skin inflammation such as acne.

According to Dr. Ipad Ridwan, herbalist, mangosteen contains high antioxidant and xanthone. Xanthones is mostly found in its skin as a function as antioxidant. Besides vitamin C, this fruit also contains tannin and antosianin that have the same function as antioxidant. They also can repair skin damage, so we can use them to treat acne scars.

Dr. Fitria Amalia Umar, SpKK, M. Kes, a dermatologist, also supported this statement. She emphasized that mangosteen skin can remove acne even it is not the main medium.

To make homemade mangosteen mask is quite easy. Wash mangosteen skin (from one fruit) and dry it. After that, smash it until it becomes powder. Then, mix the powder with 4 tablespoons of olive oil or water until they become paste. Olive oil is useful to maintain skin humidity and prevents skin irritation.

After that, clean your face and apply the mask on your face evenly and wait for 30-60 minutes until the mask dries. Then, wash your face with water and use ice water to wash your face to close the skin pores. If you use this facial mask regularly at least once a week, then the acne and acne scars will be gone.

Even this homemade facial mask is from natural ingredients, it doesn’t mean that there are no side-effects. Since there is vitamin C in mangosteen skin, we cannot use this mask often. Even more for people who have hypersensitive skin, they could suffer itching and redness. If you suffer these symptoms after you use this facial mask, then you should stop the usage and consult it with your doctor.

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