How Son Ye Jin Prevent Oily Skin and Her Secret For Glowing Skin

Most women probably want to have smooth and glowing skin like Son Ye Jin. However, the Korean actress apparently has oily skin. To prevent it, she regularly cleans her face using facial mask that is made from natural ingredients like cucumber.

As quoted from, initially she only washed her face with water in the morning. But, she realized that her face was oily. Then, she changed her habits. Now, she cleans her face in the morning and in the night. She also regularly uses facial mask.

So, how does Son Ye Jin make her cucumber facial mask? First, she puts the cucumbers on a refrigerator to cool them down. Then, she slices the cucumber thinly and put the slices on her face, especially on her eyes. The benefits of cucumber facial mask are to nourish facial skin and to reduce wrinkles.

Besides that, the star of The Negotiation also regularly drinks water at least 2-3 liters every day. Son Yen Jin also tries to maintain her sleep quality every day. Whenever she is going out, she often does Pilates and jogging by Han River. But, she never forgets to use sunscreen, a bit of BB cream or foundation. Other beauty treatments that she uses are face cleanser, serum and anti aging moisturizer.

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