How much should we drink Tamarind Turmeric Jamu (Jamu Kunyit Asam)?


Jamu from the herbs or medicinal plants such as turmeric , tamarind , and betel are considered able to reduce  menstruation pain, eliminate odor, and is able to cope with whitish . But is this herbal medicine safe to drink every day?

A general practitioner who focuses on herbal medicine ( Phytopharmacy) dr . Ujang Hermawan explained; in principle, turmeric and betel had benefits as herbal medicines. Turmeric could address a variety of health problems such as digestive disorders, to protect the liver, and could be used as a treatment for hepatitis, arthritis, lower blood cholesterol, as well as antibacterial and antifungal.

“Turmeric can also be used to overcome the problem of obesity, treat disorders of the bladder and treat tract diseases, as well as to prevent cancer,” said the alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine.

While betel, Ujang continued, useful as an antiseptic. For example, to address the oral health problems and vaginal discharge by boiling it and then drunk it. Betel also contains anticancer, anti- diabetic, and heals hepatitis.

Indeed so many benefits of turmeric and betel. But he warned that herbal medicine was still a medicine. Therefore, you should use them if you need them; they were not for daily consumption such as regular foods or other beverages.


Ujang said, if the drug was consumed every day, it could be useless. The surplus would instead be disposed in vain.

“Even taking the herb every day can also cause new diseases, ” explained the doctor.

He explained further, if some herbs such as turmeric , tamarind , and betel were consumed continuously, they  could cause health problems in the stomach . Then,  this habit would potentially  interfere the digestive system , especially the liver / heart .

The doctor who once practiced at Polyclinic Haji Pondok Gede, Jakarta, dismissed the myth that drinking the concoction made women infertile. According to him, the problem of infertility caused by many things, but not because a women often drinks herb the jamu recipe.

Although it was a herbal medicine, there are some people who were not advised to drink the recipe. They were people who were allergic or hypersensitive to the ingredients. The symptom was that they felt itchy or had rashes on their skin after they drink jamu Kunyit Asam.

“In addition, people who have stomach disorder, especially gastrointestinal disorders associated with gastric acid should avoid taking this jamu, ” he explained as reported by Yahoo.

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