How Korean Celebrities Maintain Their Beauties?

song hye kyo without makeup

Korean celebrities are well known for their bright and shiny faces. Not only do they have shiny, bright skin; they also have blameless skins. So, how they maintain their beauties? Some Korean actress and singers share their secrets:

Song Hye Kyo

“I don’t eat chocolate, soda and junk food. Then, every night, I use natural facial mask by mixing egg white and honey. I do this to make my skin glowing. I also wash my face with milk. Besides that, I massage my face using ice cube to minimize the skin pores,” said this beautiful actress.

Goo Hara “Kara”

“I have special juice recipe for skin that I call as beauty juice. This juice contains banana, almond, walnut and milk. The nutritional contents of these fruits are good for metabolism, while almond and walnut contain oil that is good for skin health. Besides that, the most important to maintain bright skin is by clean our face regularly, using moisturizer and have a healthy life.”

Sohee “Wonder Girls”

“I don’t like to use facial treatment products that are heavy. Just use regular products to make my facial skin looks bright naturally. My bright skin secrets are mist spray, moisturizer cream, mask pack and sunscreen.”

Son Joong Ki

“The secret of my bright skin is eating an apple and drink yogurt daily. Besides that, exercise is important to brighten facial skin.”

Kim Hyun Joong

“I’m crazy about moisturizer because my skin can be easily dry. But, I never change my skin product. I always treat my face using facial treatments from E’thym from cleansing foam, toner to firming essence. Then, the most important things are have enough rest and don’t be too stressed out.”

Source: Kawanku Magazine.


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