How Jessica Simpson Lose Her Weight?

jessica simpson

Have you noticed how Jessica looked healthy and fit recently? A few months after she gave birth of her son, Ace, the singer managed to lose weight. She said that it was because the method created by Weight Watchers and resistance training for 45 minutes. As quoted from Women’s Health, she did the workout three times a week.

But, there is other strategy that Jessica considered an effective method to lose her weight: walking. After Ace was born, she said that she tried to walk for 8 to 10 thousand steps. “I don’t try to lose weight,” she said during an interview with USA Today. She walked to overcome anxiety and to be a happier person. “I try to walk 4 miles per day consistently. This workout makes me feel better,” she added.

Jessica’s habit to walk was praised by experts. “Walking is a good sport,” a nutritionist in Boston, USA Nancy Clark, a writer of Nancy Clark’s Sport Nutrition Guidebook. “You also can do this exercise slowly and takes it as a part of your lifestyle,” she added. Walking with medium speed for one mile can burn 100 calories, Clark said. That’s why  calculate how many steps you take during walking like what Jessica did, can give you a clue about how many calories you burn.

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