How Indonesian Women Maintain Their Beauties

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Indonesia rich with cultures including traditional health and beauties treatments that have been passed down from generation to generation. Using these traditional and natural ingredients, Indonesian women maintain their beauties.

So, what are the traditional beauty treatments that they use?


Reportedly, Ken Dedes, the woman that was adored by men and made Tunggul Ametung killed by his trusted bodyguard, Ken Arok, had unique beauty treatment. This beauty treatment worked very well since men adored her. Besides using lulur, she often to use ratus. Ratus was made from various ingredients such as incense, sandalwood, ylang and dried cornhusk.

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The mixture was poured to anglo (traditional brazier) that contained flaming fire. Then, it was used to smoke body parts and hair. As women organs treatment, ratus would absorb mucus that could cause whitish, as well as to provide fragrance smell to women’s intimate organs. If it was used for hair, it could improve blood flow in scalp.


Boreh is Balinese tradition that looks similar with lulur in Java. However, boreh is more for health, even it eventually can improve womenbeauty. Boreh has function to warm body, cures catch a cold, improves blood circulatory and removes fatigue. It has similar function with param/parem in Java.

When we have smooth blood circulatory, then our face will look brighter, healthy and gorgeous. This mixture is made from lemongrass, sandalwood, ginger, clove, nutmeg, galangal, black rice and coconut oil. As lulur, boreh can be applied to whole body. After it is dried, you can clean it by using wet towel. The effect is that you will feel warm and your fatigue will be gone.


Batimung is traditional sauna treatment from Banjar, South Borneo that is commonly used for brides and grooms. The steps are: body is covered with cold powder made from the mixture of black rice, then it is wrapped with tight clothes. The next step, is vaporization with traditional concoction made from lemongrass oil, vetiver, lime leaves, temu giring, ylang, pandanus and jasmine. The mixture is boiled with water in closed pan. The bride or groom sits in a small chair and the pan is placed under
the chair.


Lulur is traditional body scrub in Java. Javanese princess were well known for their beauties. They had smooth, clean and glowing skins. It was because they liked to use lulur. At first, lulur was only for princess in Javanese palaces and not for regular people. It was made mainly from turmeric and temu giring.

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