How Balinese Women Maintain Their Beauties?


Traditional treatment apparently is not only available in Java only, each place in Indonesia has its own traditional way to treat beauty. For example, Borneo is well known for its cold powder to maintain women beauties. So, how about Bali? How do Balinese women maintain their beauties?


Balinese women mostly have bright, tight and blameless skin. If they have skin problems, they will use special tricks to handle them

1. Acne problem

They will use Aloe Vera skin to treat acne since it has vitamin, mineral, protein and amino acid enzyme.

Peel Aloe Vera and mince it and squeeze the pulp. Use the juice as facial mask.

2. Black spots

They use katuk leaves (Sauropus androgynus) and turi leaves (Sebasnia grandiflora) to remove black spot

Apply the pulp of two leaves on your face. Do this regularly.

3. Tighten skin

Dead skin cell can make skin dull. But it can be solved by using facial mask from jackfruit leaves. Choose jackfruit leaves (not too old, not too young), and use the pulp as facial mask.


Body treatment that usually is done by Balinese women are lulur and flower bath.

1. Lulur

Lulur or Boreh in Balinese language can be divided into two: boreh for girls and boreh for brides.

This boreh is useful to clean dirts in on body, exfoliate dead skin cells, open skin pores so the skin can breathe. Do this treatment twice a month or once a month.

2. Flower bath

Meditation and soak themselves in the fragrance of aroma therapy is one part that cannot be separated from modern treatment likes spa. In Bali, meditation is not only a spiritual way to cleanse a person, but a medium to relax as well. Balinese women like to soak themselves in the bath full of flowers. They usually use rose, ylang and magnolia.


If you want to try this method, it is easy. Soak those flowers to cold water and wait for several minutes until the fragrance comes out and you can use the water to bath.


The traditional recipe to treat hair is called lengis miyik. Lengis miyik is made from coconut oil. And, then it is mixed with mangkokan leaves (Polyscias scutellaria ), pandanus, ylang, tanjung flowers (Mimusops elengi ) and pudak flower. All flowers and leaves are put in boiling coconut oil. This oil can be used for one week since it doesn’t have preservative. Use the oil the same way you use hair tonic.


To treat breasts, Balinese women use Tanjung (Mimusops elengi) flowers. They take two handfuls of tanjung flowers and one glass of coconut oil. First, they dry the flowers and put them in boiling coconut oil. After the oil cold, they pour it in a bottle.

Apply the oil on your breasts and slowly massage them using the oil. Do this regularly every night before you sleep.

Source: Kartini Magazine.

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