Hot Lemon and Chlorohyll, Another Beauty Secrets of Miranda Kerr

As a career mother, super model Miranda Kerr doesn’t have much time to prepare herself like she used to. Not too long ago, the former wife of Orlando Bloom wrote in her personal blog about her simple tips to look beautiful in 15 minutes.

“I don’t have much time in the morning, especially with my baby. So, by doing some simple steps, I can prepare myself in 15 minutes before I go,” mother of Flynn (3) wrote. She starts her beauty regime by drinking a glass of hot water with a half glass of organic lemon juice.

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“Warm lemon helps start a good digesting process all day,” the Victoria’s Secret model wrote.

Next, Miranda spends her times to do dry body scrubbing before she takes a shower. According to her, dry body scrubbing can improve blood circulation, lift dead skin cells, helps heal the lymph, detoxify body and moisten skin.

“Dry body brushing is the most important thing in my morning routine,” she said.

Miranda then applies Kora Organic, the products that she makes. The beauty products contain from Foaming Cleanser, Essential Body Wash and Hydrating Day and Night Cream.

For hair beauty, Miranda washes her hair in the night, so she has more times in the morning. As the closing, Miranda consumes chlorophyll, like green juice.

“Chlorophyll made from cold green juice helps make blood remains healthy and makes our body fresh,” she explained.

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