Homemade Tamarind Mask to Treat Acne

tamarind homemade mask

Skin problems like acne scars or black spots are annoying, but they can be cured by using facial mask treatment regularly.

Now we will learn about how to use traditional recipe to make homemade facial mask to treat acne and dark spots. Prepare 15 tamarinds (tamarindus indica), a handful of  glutinous white rice and pure olive oil. To make the mask, first crush tamarind meat. Roast tamarind meat with glutinous rice until they become brown. Crush them into paste, then add one tablespoon of olive oil. Mix them into one paste.

tamarind homemade mask

Now you have a tamarind homemade mask. Apply it on your face just as you use the regular mask. Wait for 15 minutes to make it soaks to your pores. Then, wash your face with warm water to make your pores opened. To close them again, wash your face with cold water. Do this treatment three times a week. It’s easy, right?


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