Homemade Potato Mask to Treat Dark Circles under Eyes

homemade mask potato

Have you ever felt panic when you wake up in the morning and find that you have dark circles under your eyes? They will make you feel uncomfortable to go work or study. And, you wonder what you should do to get rid of these dark circles.

Dark circles under eyes usually caused by several factors such as fatigue and lack of sleep. But, don’t worry; there is a simple remedy to treat these dark circles. In fact, the remedy can be found in your kitchen, potato. We will use this ¬†yellow¬†sweet vegetable as homemade mask to treat dark circles around your eyes.

homemade mask potato

Prepare one ripe potato, peel its skin and wash it with warm water. Grate the potato and put the pulp into porous fabric. Tie the fabric into a size that fits with the areas under your eyes. Put the fabrics on those areas and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

Avoid potato juice into your eyes. If it happens, you should wash your eyes immediately with water. When it finishes, wash your face. You can use this mask once per two weeks.



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