Homemade Facial Mask to Remove Acne

Acne can be very disturbing and steal your confidence. These pimples can be some signs of various things. For example, it could be a sign that the one who has acne is lazy to clean her face. Or it is a sign that there is hormonal change, stress, fatigue or other things.

Before we start to use commercial product to treat our acne, we can try to make facial mask to remove the acne. This homemade facial mask is made from natural ingredients that we can find in our own kitchen. It is easy to make and safe.

Natural remedy for acne


-2 leaves of betel

-1/2  teaspoon of pure honey or olive oil


1. Crush the leaves with spoon until the juice comes out.

2. Mix the juice with honey (or olive oil).

3. Wash your face with warm water so the pores can be opened and be cleaned easily.

4.  Apply the mask on face area, especially on the acne area. You can also apply it on your back if there are acne there.

5.  Wait for 15 minutes, then clean your face with cold water.

6.  Do this regularly 4 times a week.

7.  Make sure you always clean your face

How this mask can cure acne?

This acne facial mask is made from betel leaves and honey/olive oil and very effective to clean acne, especially ones that are caused by external factor (dirt, bacteria, etc). Betel leaves act as antibacterial, so they can handle infection fast. While honey or olive oil acts as anti-inflammation, and reduce the risk of having acne scars. Besides that, honey and olive oil also useful to minimize pores and tighten skin. Thus, they will minimize the chance of subsequent infection that is caused by dirt or bacteria.

For acne that is caused by hormonal changes, stress or fatigue, it can be cured by maintaining nutrition supply and enough rest. Improve your diet. Make sure that you have balance diet, so your body gets what its need.



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