Home Remedy Recipes for Dry Cough

home remedy for cough
Dry Cough can be caused by various things. That’s why we need to know the characteristics for the cough such as how long the cough and what trigger it. Besides that, other symptoms that accompany it can be used to track the causes.
Some people start to cough when they inhale hot air or dry air. It can be caused by allergic or irritation from environment. Long dry cough also can be caused by cigarette smoke, asthma or another irritations. Even some chronic lung diseases can be the causes. Besides that gastric reflux acid can cause chronic dry cough. If it is caused by gastric reflux acid, there are another symptoms accompanying the cough such as burnt feeling in chest or throat, or the increase of saliva.
home remedy for cough
Other causes of dry cough are influenza, heart drugs or certain blood pressure. If you suffer dry cough for more than five days and there are yellow phlegm, you had better to visit a doctor.

Natural Remedy for Dry Cough

But, if there are yellow phlegm, you can try these home remedies for your dry cough:


Take one lemon, squeeze it. And add two tablespoons of honey to the lemon juices. Mix them and drink the water twice a day (one in the morning and one in the night).


Take 10 starfruit, wash with water then mash them. Add one glass of mineral water and little salt. Squeeze and strain the water. Drink the water twice a day (morning and night)

Aromatic ginger (Kaempferia galanga)

Take one finger of aromatic ginger intact with its skin. Wash and then, chew it with a little salt. Swallow it and then, drink warm water. Do it twice a day.

Sage leaves

Take a handful of sage leaves with their stem and a handful sour leaves (leaves of Tamarindus indica). Boil them with three glasses of water. Wait until only two glasses of water left. Strain the water and drink when it is cold. Do it twice a day.


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