Home Remedy for Waist Pain


Waist pain that we are discussing now is not the one caused by liver disease, but the pain that is caused by sore stomach muscles. This condition can be caused by various things such as eat spicy foods, lift heavy weight or heavy things and the position of bladder is moved down.
Natural remedy for waist pain
-20 leaves of basil
-2 leaves of galangal
-1 finger of ginger
Grind or crushed all ingredients then add few hot water. All ingredients should one smooth
pulp. Then, rub the pulp on the area where you feel the pain.

Concoction to drink:
-3 leaves of betel vine.
-1 table spoon of whiting.
Crush betel leaves and mix it into a half glass of water along with whiting. Mix them well and squeeze the leaves. Wait for one hour.
After that, you should drink it twice per day. This therapy can be done three days in a row.

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