Home Remedy for Shingles

Patah Tulang plant

Shingles is caused by virus Varicella Zooster that lives in roots of nerves. For people that ever suffered chickenpox when they were children, so this virus never completely leave after the disease gone. Some viruses still live in roots of nerves. They don’t cause any damage (yet). But when our body defense system weak, these viruses can replicate themselves and infect skin. Thus, they cause herpes zoster or shingles.

The symptoms of Herpes Zoster:


-Burning on skin

-There are sores or small spots that appear and grow within 4-5 days. The sores will be turned into yellow in several days and turn into scab.

Natural remedies for Shingles:

1. Take parts of Patah tulang (Euphorbia tirucalli) plant, crush or grind them and apply them on sores.

Patah Tulang plant

2. Take root, leaves and rod of Putri malu or Mimosa pudica. Crush or grind them and apply them on sores.


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