Home Remedy for Mouth Ulcer

Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb

Mouth ulcer indeed is a light disease, but it can be very annoying. Did you ever have mouth ulcer? Mouth ulcer usually attacks mucous membrane of the inner cheeks, inner lips, tongue, gums, and palates.

Mouth ulcer can be caused by the mouth condition itself such as bad mouth hygiene, fake teeth installation, wounds on our mouth due to hot drinks or foods, our immune system or allergy and infection.

When a person has mouth ulcer, he usually feels lazy to do any activity including eating because the pain he feels.

What are Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer?

You can try some home remedies below to cure mouth ulcers:

-Guava Leaves

Boil one liter of water, one grab of guava leaves and one finger of guava stem. Strain the water and drink it twice a day.

-Betel leaves

Take one or two betel leaves. Wash and then, chew them. Let the leaves stay on your mouth for a while, especially on areas where there are ulcers.

-Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb

Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb can be chewed and then, swallowed. Chew slices of Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb with areca nut not only can heal mouth ulcer, but also can cure dry cough.

Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb
Curcuma xanathorriza Roxb can be used as natural remedy for mouth ulcers.

We hope these natural remedies can help you ease and cure your mouth ulcers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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