Home Remedy for Heartburn


Heartburn is actually sore that happens on intestine. The symptoms are acute pain on stomach, but we can defecate normally (there are no blood, mucus and diarrhea). Heartburn can be caused by blocked gas in intestine because a person catches a cold, or because he is sensitive to certain foods.

Natural Remedy for Heartburn

To cure it, there some traditional medicines you can use as alternatives:


1. You can eat raw guava leaves with a bit salt.

2. Boil two or three asam jawa (tamarind) fruits with palm sugar. And drink the concoction when it is ready.

3. One finger of turmeric and a bit of tamarind, crushed and then, put them in a glass of water. Pour out hot water to the glass. Wait until it is lukewarm and drink the concoction.


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