Home Remedy for Gout

Gout often to appear as acute attacks and is one of chronic joint inflammations. When gout relapses, we can feel pain on our toes.

Not only our toes, but other joints such as knee and ankles can be attacked. These attacks often happen in the night or in the morning.

While acute attacks can last up to one week. During the attack, people with gout can suffer light fever and suddenly lost their appetite. So, what are the causes of gout? Gout is usually caused by formation of uric acid crystal on skin, joints and also kidneys.

Generally, patients with gout have high uric acid in their blood. So, then the uric acid eventually will form crystal in their joints. It’s what triggers gout attacks.

Besides that, gout also can be caused by heredity, alcohol consumption, lack of physical activities, too much stress and also eat too many foods contain protein and carb.

So, can gout be cured? If yes, how to cure it? In this article, we will discuss home remedy for gout, so we can treat it naturally.

Vegetables juice

Many people suggest that we can use vegetables juice to treat gout. Vegetable juice is believed to be an effective remedy for gout. You can create the juice from mixture of carrot, cucumber and bit juices. You should drink at least 500 ml of this juice every day.


Cherry is also believed as a home remedy to treat gout. At the beginning, you can start by eating 20 cherries every day. After that, you can reduce it by eating 10 cherries.


Besides it is tasted good, Apple is an effective home remedy for gout. Apple contains malic acid that is believed can neutralize uric acid that causes gout. Patients are suggested to consume at least one apple a day.


Banana is mentioned as one fruit that can heal your gout. Patients who suffer gout can consume bananas at least 8-10 bananas every day.


Vitamin C in lime can prevent and cure pain that is caused by gout. It works by strengthening relational tissues in joints. Citric acid in lime also can help dissolve uric acid.

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