Home Remedy for Dry Skin

Do you feel that your skin dry and dull? It means we need to remove dead skin cells that still remain on our skin. Wait, before you plan to go to dermatologist or beauty salon to lift your dead skin cells, you can try the home remedies below:

-Provide 225 gram of sea salt and 450 gram of baking soda. Mix both and add water. Apply the pulp to your face until you face feel cool and then, wash your face. The pulp will moisten and also detoxify your skin fast.

– After you make tea, keep the leaf or the bag. We can use tea to moisten our dry skin. The superiority of tea powder is that  it contains antioxidant property that can help to protect skin from free radical. Plus, tea aroma can give relaxation effect.

– Mix apple vinegar, wheat powder, and sesame oil to one place. The mix can be an effective remedy to kill bacteria and to maintain skin flexibility thanks to the apple vinegar. While the wheat powder and sesame oil can moisten our skin as well.

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-Mix a glass of milk powder with grape seed oil.  Lactic acid from the milk will help dead skin cells exfoliation that make our skin dry and dull. While grape seed oil will moisten also supply antioxidant to our new skin cells.

– We can also use oat that we usually use for breakfast. Grind a half cup of oat. Then, mix them with 1/3 cup of sun flower seeds powder and 1/2 mint tea powder.

-Try to use home remedies above regularly to moisten and exfoliate dry and dull skin. And soon, you will see flexible, clean, beautiful skin.

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