Home Remedy for Dry Skin

Dry skin affects our appearance and can cause low self-esteem. That’s why we should treat it regularly. If we don’t, it likely¬† fractures and exfoliate. Fortunately, there are some natural remedy that we can try to restore skin’s smoothness and flexibility. Here, are five steps that can be alternatives to treat dry skin:

Avoid hot water

Hot water can erase skin natural oil layer, so it will make our skin drier. Skin oil, which is known as sebum, covers whole skins and scalp. However, if you spend too much time to take a bath with hot water, skin and scalp will be drier. Because of that, try to reduce hot water exposure on your skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a good supplement for our skin. Olive oil contains nutrition that can help us cope with dry skin and itch. Besides that, this oil also can help exfoliate dry skin from knee and elbow. So, if your skin very dry, try to apply olive oil before you use moisturizer. Olive oil also provides a good antioxidant for skins. Besides that, this oil contains fatty acid that helps maintain younger skin appearance.

Natural exfoliate

Dry skin needs extra care and natural supplement. Exfoliation is very important to remove dry and dead skin cell. Use natural exfoliating such as oatmeal to help remove dead skin layer and to make our skin younger and more flexible. Try to combine oatmeal with yogurt and papaya. This mix can be used once a week to exfoliate dead skin.


Honey is home remedy for fractured and exfoliated skin. Organic honey can be used every day. Honey contains nutrition that can be absorbed by skin. Honey also can be used for chapped lips. Try to apply honey on your face and let it for half an hour before you wash your skin.

Right nutrition

One important way to keep our skin humidity is by using healthy diet. Diet riches with fatty acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and water is very good to treat dry skin problem.

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