Home Remedies for Low Blood Tension

tamarind homemade mask

Low blood tension or medically called as hypotension is a condition where a person has low blood tension usually less than 90/60 mmHg. But, it’s not an absolute measurement, each person has different blood pressure and different adaptation. And this condition is not because few blood volume, but low blood circulation from heart.

Symptoms of low blood tension:

-Easy to feel dizzy and sweating sometimes even pass out.

-Easy to feel sleepy and hard to wake up

-Sudden blurred eyes and see stars.

-Easy to feel tired and feel limp.

General causes:

-Slow or weak heart beat, this causes blood streams to whole body being slow and thus, cause hypotension.

-Dehydration, usually when a person suffers diarrhea and fever.

-Weak heart muscles, thus heart performance is disturbed.

-Negative side effects from medicines such hypertension,anti-depressant drugs, etc.

General tips to cure hypotension:

-Eat more nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits.

-Eat more high calories foods such as meat, fish, nuts, soy, coconut, etc.

-Eat and sleep regularly.

-Avoid stress

-Take a hot bath.

Home remedies for low blood pressures:

To accelerate your healing process, you can try these home remedies recipes that are combination between ancient Javanese medicine with modern health knowledge:

First recipe:

-250 ml whole milk

-25 gram palm sugar

-15 gram black coffee powder

-20 gram chocolate powder

Mix all ingredients and boil them. And simply drink the concoction. You should drink it in the morning and in the afternoon.

Second recipe:

-250 gram spinach

-10 gram palm sugar

-50 gram union

-5  gram tamarind

-15 gram chilli

-7 gram salt

Boil the spinach until it is half-baked. Refine all other ingredients and mix them as a sauce. You can use brown rice as the staple food. Use brown rice with half-baked spinach and the sauce as your lunch menu. You can add meat or fish as you like.


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