Home Remedies for Armpit Sweating

sage leaves

Body regulates temperature naturally by sweating. When we sweat, it’s a sign that our bodies are healthy. But, if you sweat excessively and have odor, it means you need antiperspirant and deodorant. Especially if the armpits perspiration is excessive and starts to disturb your appearance. There are three natural remedies that you can use to treat underarm sweating problem:

Sage as antiperspirant

Sage has phenolic acid, antibacterial substance that can reduce odor and excessive sweating in underarm. The American Pharmaceutical Association allowed sage usage as home remedy for armpit sweating. But, you should use it moderately.  Thisis because sage oil contains thujone and it can cause coma if people consume it excessively. The American Pharmaceutical Association also suggested that sage should be used by pregnant or nursing women.

To use sage as natural remedy for underarm sweating, as suggested in practical book of home remedies that was published by The American Pharmaceutical Association, you can drink sage tea or apply the sage essential oil on your armpit.

Apple vinegar as home remedy for armpit perspiration

Excessive sweating also can be treated by using apple vinegar, just as written in 1.801 Home Remedies, published by Reader’s Digest. Apply apple vinegar on armpit (in dry condition). Rub apple vinegar on the armpits before you sleep. Your body will absorb the liquid better when you sleep. This apple vinegar will damp skin pores and gives drying effect. In the morning, clean and dry the armpits and apply your regular deodorant. Acidic content in apple vinegar helps neutralize bacteria that cause body odor because excessive sweating. In sensitive skin, apple vinegar can make your skin dries. If this happens to you, stop to use apple vinegar.

Deodorant from baking soda

Baking soda is odor neutralizer. It is often to use to absorb smells in refrigerator. To use it as natural deodorant, mix baking soda with corn flour paste (the ratio is 50: 50). Mix them evenly. Add essential oil that contains antibacterial content. Environment activist and writer of Harmonious Environment, Norma Lehmeier-Hartie suggested giving a few drops of tea tree essential oil, lemon or lavender to the mixture. This natural paste cannot remove the excessive sweat in total, but it can reduce body odor from the armpits.


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